Why You Need To Have a Certified Customer Value Optimization Specialist in Your Team (or How To Optimize Your Conversion Funnel)

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Just recently, I earned my Customer Value Optimization Specialist Certification from DigitalMarketer! Wahoo! If you don’t know what that is, let me tell how big of a deal that is.


CCVOS what?


A Certified Customer Value Optimization Specialist (CCVOS)  is someone who has advanced knowledge and skill on the subject of conversion funnel. A CCVOS is an expert in all matters related to Customer Value Optimization (CVO). A Certified CVO Specialist has the expert capability  to design a conversion funnel that gives businesses exactly what they want – that is to get more customers and ultimately more profit.


Just about every business out there wants the following: get MORE customers (and not just any customers but VALUABLE customers) and spend LESS in acquiring them. In other words, get the most return out of the minimum investment possible.


If you are a business owner, you surely have a marketing strategy to acquire more customers and thus generate sales (this is called conversion funnel). I have a question for you though. Have you had the chance to have a closer look recently at how your marketing efforts are working out for you? If you have a profitable business, then congratulations! Keep up the good work. But if you feel that your business growth has plateaued or worse, is in a downward trend, then you need to pay attention. It is possible that your conversion funnel needs an overhaul to make sure that it’s fully optimized.


This is where a Certified CVO Specialist might come in handy. A CCVOS has conversion funnel  down to science. And since we are on the topic, let me break down the process for you on how we can help you improve your conversion funnel.


What is Customer Value Optimization?


Before we dive in the process, let me just give a little introduction. It helps to understand what Customer Optimization is. Simply put, CVO is one strategy of growing a business by increasing the number of customers, increasing the value per customer, and increasing the number of transactions per customer. It is very important to note the one immutable law of business growth: “He (or she) who is able and willing to spend the most to acquire a customer – wins”. You can think of it as investing. The more you invest (spend to get customers), the higher the probability of returns (more sales and customers). And we can’t deny the fact that getting customers entails expenses, be it in time, money, or effort.


Determining the Product Market Fit


The very first step in the value optimization process is determining the product market fit. You have to know whether what you’re offering is something that your target market actually wants. Remember that there are all sorts of products and services available out there. You need to be able to ask the following: Who is your prospect? What is your primary product or service? You need to articulate your offer in a way that speaks to your market’s desired end result.


To illustrate, let’s say you own a real estate company. Think of who you want to sell land/properties to. Are you trying to sell/rent condominiums to young professionals? What do you think these young professionals want in terms of real estate? What do they envision? What is their “state” before buying your condo and after buying your condo. Let’s just say that before renting your condo, they are staying in a small, old, creaky flat with a roommate, in a location far from their place of work. That makes them miserable, tired from the long commute, have no privacy, no peace of mind, not free to do what they want because of living with someone else. And then let’s say they do rent/buy your condo. What would it do to them? Would they perhaps feel more relaxed, have more time to sleep because it’s near their place of work, they can have their privacy, they can arrange the condo according to their  tastes, etc. I’m sure you get the idea. Basically, you need to be able to “hit home” or get an emotional response from your target market so that they would be more inclined to buy from you. If your product or service can elicit that from your target customers, then you’re off to a good start.


The Stages of Customer Value Optimization


The brilliant guys over at Digital Marketer (who awarded me my CCVOS credential by the way) have a pretty neat analogy for the process of CVO. An effective CVO growth plan works because it follows the  structure and sequence of, drum roll please, a normal, healthy human relationships! Yes, specifically dating and marriage.


Optimizing a conversion funnel has 5 stages and each closely  mirrors a healthy progression of human relationships. They are:

  1. Lead magnet
  2. Tripwire
  3. Core Offer
  4. Profit Maximizer
  5. Return Path


Curious how each of the above relates to a the structure and sequence of a normal, healthy human relationship? Then see below:


  1. Optimizing a Lead magnet = “What’s your number?”
  2. Offering a Tripwire = “Want to get coffee?”
  3. Presenting your core offer = “Can I take you to dinner?”
  4. Maximizing Profit = “Will you marry me?”
  5. Architecting a Return Path = (Being Consistent in romancing your partner by giving flowers, date nights, etc).


Optimizing the Lead Magnet

A Lead Magnet is a small “chunk” of value that solves a specific problem for a specific market that is offered in exchange for an opt-in. In comparing to dating, it’s like asking for their numbers first. Only this time, what you want is their email address. Lead magnets make a specific promise, give a specific example, offer a specific shortcut, answer a specific question, and/or deliver a specific discount.  If you haven’t already noticed, it’s all about specificity. Going back to the example of a real estate company, perhaps, you can offer a list of the 10 essential things that you should not be without if you are a new condo tenant or something like that. You can offer this list in your website in exchange for your target customer’s name, phone number, or email address.


Offering A Tripwire

A tripwire is a super cheap offer that  exists for the sole reason of converting prospects  into buyers. With the dating analogy, no longer only is your prospect just some person you’re interested (just giving them just meaningful looks and all), you’ve actually managed to invite them for coffee and they obliged! Tripwires allow your customers to invest their money and time on you and this get to know your company a little better. If you’re a real estate company, you can probably offer a paid webinar where you discuss the latest trends in real estate today.


Presenting Your Core Offer

Your core offer is what your business is all about. When you get to this stage, the relationship becomes more serious. When you’re able to take that special someone to dinner, the relationship becomes all the more intimate. For real estate companies, this is where you can sit down with a client and actually sell a house or lease that condo. Hopefully, because there’s so much value in your core offer, your client buys it.


Offering A Profit Maximizer

Now this is the most “intimate” stage of them all because you’re already offering marriage to that special someone aka customer. Profit Maximizers can be upsells  (offering someone more of what  they already bought), a cross-sell  (offering them a related product  or service) or subscriptions  (offering them access to a club,  community or association), or  any other “backend” offer that  increases immediate average  customer value. Once you have a buyer, it makes sense to ask them to buy something else. For a real estate company for example, instead of them just leasing the condo, you could offer to have them actually buy it instead. Or maybe instead of a one-year lease, you could offer a two-year lease. Heck, you can also offer housekeeping services too from an affiliate company, of course for an added cost. Profit maximizers are not necessarily your own product/or service.


Architecting A Return Path

This is the last stage in the customer value optimization. At this stage, your customers have either bought from you, declined, or are still undecided so they have not bought from you yet. So the key thing here is following them up. Let’s say the client bought that condo from you. This should not mean that you will stop communicating with them. It is a matter of great importance that you should! Continually make your presence felt. Just like in marriage, you never stop romancing your partner. You keep the communication lines open. You can call them or email them or visit them maybe. For a real estate company, who knows, they might just buy another property from your or extend their lease, or refer people to you just because they can feel that you continually show that you value them.




And that folks is how you add value to your customers. Customer value optimization can help your business reach great heights. It’s easy right? You just need to spend some time and effort to learn these which is great. But know what’s even better? You can make your life simple by just hiring a CCVOS to all these for you! Hence, it would be good business decision to have a CCVOS in your team.


Thanks for reading!


How To Apply for a Unified Multi-Purpose ID (UMID)

When I went to pay my voluntary SSS contributions, I also thought of applying for a Unified Multi-Purpose ID (UMID) since I was already in SSS anyway. So what’s a UMID? It’s as the name implies, a Philippine identity card which can be used when transacting with various government offices which include the Social Security System (SSS), Government Service Insurance System (GSIS), Philippine Health Insurance Corporation (PhilHealth), and Pag-IBIG Fund (Home Development Mutual Fund). Based on my research, the UMID was introduced back in 2010.

Actually, I did not intend to get a UMID in the past as I already had several valid IDs. I did not see the need for an additional ID card. My ID holder is already bursting at the seams with so many cards. Also, I did not want to go through the hassle. Anyway, as I already mentioned, I was already in SSS so might as well apply for a UMID.

The process of applying is simple and only involves four easy steps. Here they are:

  1. Get the UMID Application form from the friendly SSS forms staff or the guard and fill it out.
  2. Proceed to the counter which processes the ID. The SSS staff evaluates the form and it’s very quick. They would just ask if you have already applied for a UMID in the past and check it in the computer. Application for the first time is free. Replacements are with a fee but I did not get to ask how much. Waiting your turn to be called takes longer than the actual evaluation.
  3. Have your picture taken. The photo needs to be as natural as possible. That means no eye glasses or contact lens, heavy makeup, fancy earrings. A subtle smile is okay. The ears should also be visible. I was wearing contact lenses at the time and I had to remove it which was a bummer. I did not have my contact lens case with me. I just removed my lenses and stuck them in my handkerchief. As expected, they were pretty much dried up and useless when I got home. So my tip for the contact lens wearers, wear your eye glasses when you apply for a UMID.
  4. Wait for the ID to be delivered to your home after two months.

I applied for the UMID on July 13. Less than two months after, I received a Registry Notice from the Philippine Post Office on September 8. I was initially quite disappointed because I thought that the UMID will be delivered to your doorstep.

Since I had work (still online), I asked my dear father to pick it up for me. He went to the main Post Office branch in Lawton and got there around 9 AM. He had to wait around three hours before he could claim my UMID. It turns out that the UMID is really delivered to your home. My parcel was with the postman and my Dad had to wait for him to get back to the Post Office from his daily mail delivery rounds. The postman arrived around noon. Apparently, the postman have been trying to deliver my mail every day for the past few days. It’s just that every time he reaches our home, he thought that there was always nobody home. An so, he had to just request the Post Office that I pick up the package. Well, I couldn’t blame him. We have accordion doors that are always closed so anyone looking from the outside would have the impression that there really is no one home. We’ve been victimized by theft before and we have become more careful since then.

Anyway, I finally have my UMID. Yay! Here is how it looks like:






Here are photos of the registry notice and the envelope.





So, getting a UMID card is very easy to do. I suggest that you get one for yourself especially if you do not have any valid IDs.


  1. For contact lens wearers, bring your lens case and cleaning solution with you as you need to remove them during when you get your photo taken. Or just wear your eye glasses.
  2. Always have someone at home so all your mail can be received.
  3. If you do get a registry notice instead of the UMID card delivered to your home, it means that you need to haul your bottom to the Post Office in Lawton and pick up your precious ID yourself. The registry notice serves as a claim stub of sorts. You need to claim your ID within 30 days or else it will be sent back to SSS or disposed of by the Post Office. They can hold the parcel upon request but it comes with a storage fee. Anyway, just claim it within 30 days and you’ll be all set.

How To Pay SSS Contributions As A Voluntary Member (A Guide For Filipino Freelancers)

SSS logo

If you are freelancer and would like to pay Social Security System (SSS) contributions but do not know how, look no further, the answer is here!  In this post, I will guide you on how to pay for your SSS contributions. The process is extremely simple.


Very briefly, you can enjoy social security benefits if you are a member of SSS. Benefits include financial support on sickness, maternity, retirement, disability, death, and funeral. If you would like more details on this, you can check out the official website of SSS . In my case, I chose to continue paying my contributions so I can receive pension when I retire. However, I don’t really intend for it to be my primary source of income when I retire as I also invest in other financial instruments such as the stock market, mutual funds, VULs, etc.


I first went to the SSS Kiosk in Robinsons Place Manila (Lingkod Pinoy Center). My plan was, if I finish early, I could also process updating my Philhealth and PAG-IBIG memberships. Unfortunately, the services offered by the government agencies in Lingkod Pinoy Center are limited. I asked the staff in SSS if I could update my membership and pay my contribution. I was told that payments are only accepted in SSS branches or Bayad Centers. I just decided to just go to an SSS branch.

I then went to SSS España branch which is the most convenient branch to go to from home. There are actually a couple of branches in my vicinity but I chose SSS España as it was only a jeepney ride away. It’s also where I got my SSS number (E1 Form) six years ago.

I went on July 13, 2015 Monday at around 3 PM.


My last employment was in a BPO company. I already had an SSS number and my company was the one handling my SSS contributions.


Both voluntary members (VM) and self-employed (SE) individuals use exactly the same form  which is the CON-01181 (05-2014) when paying their contribution (form pictured below). I guess SSS does not really make that much of a distinction between the two. The important thing is you pay the contributions using your unique SSS number. Your payments get credited to your own SSS account anyway so it does not really matter. There is no need to be afraid that you might fill out an incorrect form and that your contributions will be “wasted”. That was my initial fear but it went away once I learned the above.



Paying your SSS contributions as a voluntary/self-employed member is easy-peasy. You can do it in 4 simple steps:

  1. Get the CON-01181 (05-2014)
  2. Fill it out.
  3. Pay the contribution.
  4. Keep the form.

For step one, you may get the form from the friendly security guard who usually has a form handy or the SSS staff responsible for manning the forms table. This is the set up in SSS España. It may vary in other branches.

Step two is where you need to pay attention. Filling the form is quite straightforward. You are required to put your SSS number, name, TIN, address, contact numbers, email, and the amount of the contribution that you will pay. It will be up to you how much you want to pay depending on your current earnings. There is an official SSS schedule of contribution you can refer to which is found in the SSS website. There is no penalty if you miss paying for some months especially if you did not earn anything on those months. It’s just that you can no longer retroactively pay for the missed months.

The schedule of contribution may change from year to year so be sure to check the website before actually going to the SSS branch. You can also ask to see the table from the SSS staff. For the year 2015, the below schedule of contribution is followed.

(image taken from the official SSS website)

Let’s say that you are earning 20,000 per month as a freelancer. If you look at the table above, those earning Php 15750 or over have a monthly salary credit of Php 16000. The SE/VM contribution is Php 1760 per month. You can choose to pay lower than your monthly salary credit.

Let’s say you are earning Php 10,00 per month. Your total contribution should be Php 1100 or lower. If you want to pay more, you can only go up two steps (salary brackets) from your monthly salary credit and not more than that.

At the bottom of the form, you have to declare your earnings as an individual payor and sign it.

Please take note of the deadline of paying your premiums which will depend on the 10th digit of your SSS number. In my case, the last digit of my SSS number is 2. THe deadline for paying the contributions is supposed to be every 10th of the month. I came in on July 13. Unfortunately, I can no longer pay for the previous months including July. I asked the staff if I could still pay for July and she said that it was fine. I chose to pay until the month of December 2015.

SSS Deadline of Payment

For step three, after filling the form and verifying that all the details are correct, you can now proceed to the cashier. The form will be machine validated and it now serves as your official receipt / proof of payment that you indeed paid your SSS contributions. While I was lining up, I had a little chitchat with the other payees. Apparently, if you miss paying your contributions three months in a year, that year will no longer be counted during the calculation of your SSS pension. I am not sure how true this is as I did not have the chance to verify with the SSS staff. Maybe I would when I get back to pay my contributions for 2016.

Here is how my validated SSS Contributions Payment Form looks like.


Step four is keep the form. Well, this should be a no-brainer. It’s proof of payment and it is but wise to keep it for your personal records in case the SSS database gets wiped out due to an alien invasion or something.


  • If you want your payments to be posted to your account real-time, transact your payments in SSS branches. I am not quite sure how soon Bayad Centers post it to your account. It could be the same or the next business days.
  • Go to the SSS branch as early as possible.
  • Check the SSS schedule of contribution prior to going to SSS so you will know how much to pay and you can bring the exact amount to SSS.

And voila! You’re done! Wasn’t that super easy? I hope that the above can guide you when you do decide to pay your SSS contributions on your own. Please note that these are all from my personal experience in paying my SSS contributions. I strongly encourage you to visit the SSS website or go to your nearest SSS branch to get the most up-to-information on the correct process. 🙂

Do you have class?

I am a huge fan of Jim Rohn. For those who do not know who he is, Jim Rohn is an American entrepreneur, author, and motivational speaker. I have not read any of his books yet but I listen to his audiobooks. I am learning a great deal about success and personality development. I am currently listening to “Cultivating An Unshakeable Character” audio book. Just yesterday, I heard Jim say the following words:

“Class is the ability to overcome any number of challenges during a race. Class does not mean you never get tired. But it does mean you never show it. Class does not mean you’re never tempted to quit sometimes. But it does mean you never actually do.”

Wow. The above words really struck me. Thanks Jim Rohn. I will strive to be a woman of class every day. 🙂

As tribute, I made the below using Canva.

Class by Jim Rohn

Be A Superstar Graphic Designer In A Flash With Canva


I have always had that creative side to me. When Adobe Photoshop became popular many years ago, I got interested in using it. I was amazed how Photoshop can repair old photos to make them new, add effects, remove the undesired parts, and many more. I got so far as learning how to use the Magic Wand tool. Adobe Photoshop is a powerful software but I must say that it is not very easy to use. Well, at least for non-design professionals like me. There are just so many tools that you would get dizzy just by looking at them. The program is huge so you need a pretty powerful computer to be able to run it. Beginners would be stumped and would not really know where to start. I know because that’s what happened to me. When I began, I actually just tinkered around and tried tools here and there. I became barely successful in editing my photos the way I want it. As I am not really a graphic designer and did not need to edit photos constantly, I bid Photoshop goodbye and uninstalled it from my PC.

And then came Canva. Canva is a free graphic-design tool website. It is a web-based app so there is no need to download anything, unlike Photoshop which is really heavy. When I learned about Canva and how to use it, I was captivated. Canva is extremely easy to use. I bet that anyone who uses it can easily come up with design masterpieces.

So how does Canva work? You first need to sign up for a free account. You can either automatically sign in with your Facebook account or Google account, or sign up with your email. I did not want to make it hard for myself so I signed in using Google. As soon as you sign in, you will just need to select what type of design you like to create. There are templates for social media posts, posters, flyers, documents, ads, infographics, and many more. When you select the design, you will be directed to the canvas which is in the Edit mode. The great thing about Canva is that it packed to the brim with beautiful templates. You do not need to start with a blank space unlike in Photoshop. I think this is a great way to spur creativity because there are so many ideas/options available and you just need to add your own personal touch. There are templates for layouts and fonts. There are plenty of choices for backgrounds as well as graphics. I guess the only downside with Canva, which I don’t really consider a big deal, is that the stock photos are not free. Well, to be fair, the images are only priced $1 (roughly P45) as of this writing. I think it’s a good price for the fantastic images they have. Also, Canva has so many things to offer that the least a  user can do to support the creators is to buy images. But if you have no budget to buy the photos available in Canva, you can always use your own images or source it online. Pixabay has tons of free images.

What’s nice about Canva is the ease of use. Canva has a very simple interface. There are no complex editing tools to rack your brain over in figuring out the purpose. I simply love the drag-and-drop feature.

When I created my first Canva design, I felt like a superstar designer. Who knew that I could churn out such a beautiful design (in my opinion at least) in minutes? It probably would have taken me months to achieve the same things with Adobe Photoshop.

Canva is an excellent tool for anyone who would like to make great creations without the hassle. I made the tutorial below for those who want to get started in using it. Check it out and be a superstar graphic designer in a flash.

Jim Rohn on Motivation

I’m currently listening to Jim Rohn’s audiobook entitled
Seven Secrets to Wealth and Happiness”. I am picking up a lot of great advice from it and could not help but put them online. I am using the ever reliable Canva to help me give the quotes life. I will be sharing those pointers here in my site and of course via social media. 🙂

Be Motivated

Create Beautiful Presentations With Haiku Deck

Haiku Deck

I am a big fan of Microsoft PowerPoint. I thought it was THE program to use if you want to create beautiful presentations. Ever since I learned about the wonders of presenting using PowerPoint, it was the only program I ever used to create slides. In fact, I didn’t think there were other programs which could hold a candle to MS PowerPoint. But alas, times change. Other software companies have also released their own versions of presentation applications. One such company is Team Haiku Deck. I learned about Haiku Deck just recently. I was not particularly interested because I was plenty satisfied with using MS PowerPoint. But then, curiosity got the best of me. I went online to get more information on Haiku Deck. I signed up for an account and tried to create a presentation. Unfortunately, I did not like the experience. I looked for the functionalities available in PowerPoint and was disappointed that they were not available in Haiku Deck. For instance, I usually change the color of the text and change the font size and design and all that jazz. At that time, my head ached from trying to make it happen in Haiku Deck. Needless to say, I quit.

But what do you know, I found myself going back to Haiku Deck. You see, I wanted to know why people were raving about it. I mean, there must be something good about Haiku Deck for people to swear by it. I signed in to my account again. And this time, I fell in love. I probably just needed to have an open mind and not compare it with PowerPoint. I tried to learn about the functionalities of Haiku Deck and thankfully I saw its beauty. Haiku Deck as a matter of fact is quite easy to use. The fact that it does not have that many functionalities and options compared to PowerPoint make it easier for you to create your presentations. You do not get to be overwhelmed with so many possible customizations. And my issue with the fonts? Haiku Deck has its own approach in making the text pop and appear beautiful. With its templates and background, I found myself creating presentations which were far more beautiful than I ever did with PowerPoint. I liked Haiku Deck’s simplicity of interface. I liked the stock photos. You can add a different photo to all your slides easily. Haiku Deck is 100% free and can be used as a web app and iPad/iPad mini app. According to Haiku Deck’s website, the app is an award winning app for iPad and iPad mini. I now know the reason why. For desktop/Mac users, you can access Haiku Deck with Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Safari.

I really liked Haiku Deck but I am not turning my back on MS PowerPoint. There are still some things that you would probably be using PowerPoint for. For example, if you want to embed videos, have animated effects, insert hyperlinks and many more. I used PowerPoint in creating the tutorial below as I am still more proficient in using it than Haiku Deck. However, I am glad that there is another software that I can use in addition to PowerPoint. Haiku Deck and Microsoft PowerPoint have their own unique charm. Any user would be a winner in using them both.

You can discover the wonders of Haiku Deck by checking out my tutorial.  I am sure that you will love Haiku Deck as much as I did.

Share Content and Increase Your Website Traffic With Sniply


Sniply is a social media marketing tool which allows users to share content while driving traffic back to their own website. I must say, when I learned about what Sniply does, I was thoroughly impressed. Borrowing the words of its creator Mike Cheng, it’s a win-win-win situation. Why are there three wins? Because there are three parties involved: the author, sharer, and reader. Authors are the makers of the content. They need traffic to their website. Sharers help spread the content which provides this traffic. Sharers, without using Sniply, do not benefit anything when they share content. Sniply changes that. When a Sharer share content, he/she is empowered to drive traffic to his/her website by inserting a custom message to the website of the content shared. As for the Readers, Sniply benefits them because they only get to see content from people they care about.

So how does it work? When you come across great content, you would naturally want to share it via social media. When you share this content and the reader clicks it, there will be a Sniply bubble (pictured below) that appears on the site. When the reader’s interest is piqued and they click on your call to action button, they get redirected to the website. That way, give more exposure to your site and increases the likelihood of selling your products or services.

I think the principle behind Sniply is simply brilliant. You would want to think that you had thought something as great as that.

Anyone who would like to have increased traffic to their website should not think twice in using Sniply. It’s easy to use and packed with great features. I made an easy to follow guide below. Please go over them to learn how to use Sniply and start driving more traffic to your website.

Sniply bubble