Create Beautiful Presentations With Haiku Deck

Haiku Deck

I am a big fan of Microsoft PowerPoint. I thought it was THE program to use if you want to create beautiful presentations. Ever since I learned about the wonders of presenting using PowerPoint, it was the only program I ever used to create slides. In fact, I didn’t think there were other programs which could hold a candle to MS PowerPoint. But alas, times change. Other software companies have also released their own versions of presentation applications. One such company is Team Haiku Deck. I learned about Haiku Deck just recently. I was not particularly interested because I was plenty satisfied with using MS PowerPoint. But then, curiosity got the best of me. I went online to get more information on Haiku Deck. I signed up for an account and tried to create a presentation. Unfortunately, I did not like the experience. I looked for the functionalities available in PowerPoint and was disappointed that they were not available in Haiku Deck. For instance, I usually change the color of the text and change the font size and design and all that jazz. At that time, my head ached from trying to make it happen in Haiku Deck. Needless to say, I quit.

But what do you know, I found myself going back to Haiku Deck. You see, I wanted to know why people were raving about it. I mean, there must be something good about Haiku Deck for people to swear by it. I signed in to my account again. And this time, I fell in love. I probably just needed to have an open mind and not compare it with PowerPoint. I tried to learn about the functionalities of Haiku Deck and thankfully I saw its beauty. Haiku Deck as a matter of fact is quite easy to use. The fact that it does not have that many functionalities and options compared to PowerPoint make it easier for you to create your presentations. You do not get to be overwhelmed with so many possible customizations. And my issue with the fonts? Haiku Deck has its own approach in making the text pop and appear beautiful. With its templates and background, I found myself creating presentations which were far more beautiful than I ever did with PowerPoint. I liked Haiku Deck’s simplicity of interface. I liked the stock photos. You can add a different photo to all your slides easily. Haiku Deck is 100% free and can be used as a web app and iPad/iPad mini app. According to Haiku Deck’s website, the app is an award winning app for iPad and iPad mini. I now know the reason why. For desktop/Mac users, you can access Haiku Deck with Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Safari.

I really liked Haiku Deck but I am not turning my back on MS PowerPoint. There are still some things that you would probably be using PowerPoint for. For example, if you want to embed videos, have animated effects, insert hyperlinks and many more. I used PowerPoint in creating the tutorial below as I am still more proficient in using it than Haiku Deck. However, I am glad that there is another software that I can use in addition to PowerPoint. Haiku Deck and Microsoft PowerPoint have their own unique charm. Any user would be a winner in using them both.

You can discover the wonders of Haiku Deck by checking out my tutorial.  I am sure that you will love Haiku Deck as much as I did.


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