Share Content and Increase Your Website Traffic With Sniply


Sniply is a social media marketing tool which allows users to share content while driving traffic back to their own website. I must say, when I learned about what Sniply does, I was thoroughly impressed. Borrowing the words of its creator Mike Cheng, it’s a win-win-win situation. Why are there three wins? Because there are three parties involved: the author, sharer, and reader. Authors are the makers of the content. They need traffic to their website. Sharers help spread the content which provides this traffic. Sharers, without using Sniply, do not benefit anything when they share content. Sniply changes that. When a Sharer share content, he/she is empowered to drive traffic to his/her website by inserting a custom message to the website of the content shared. As for the Readers, Sniply benefits them because they only get to see content from people they care about.

So how does it work? When you come across great content, you would naturally want to share it via social media. When you share this content and the reader clicks it, there will be a Sniply bubble (pictured below) that appears on the site. When the reader’s interest is piqued and they click on your call to action button, they get redirected to the website. That way, give more exposure to your site and increases the likelihood of selling your products or services.

I think the principle behind Sniply is simply brilliant. You would want to think that you had thought something as great as that.

Anyone who would like to have increased traffic to their website should not think twice in using Sniply. It’s easy to use and packed with great features. I made an easy to follow guide below. Please go over them to learn how to use Sniply and start driving more traffic to your website.

Sniply bubble

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