Invoiceable: Invoicing Made Easy


Whether you are a) a virtual professional, virtual assistant, online worker, freelancer, or simply do work that needs to be billed to a client, and b) no one does the billing for you, then you need to learn about the awesome tool that is Invoiceable. To ensure that you get properly compensated for your services you need to let your clients know how much they owe you. Invoiceable solves that dilemma. Invoiceable is an extremely easy to use invoicing tool. It has a very straightforward process of creating an invoice. Here is how it works: you sign up for a free account, you create an invoice using a template (customizable), then send this invoice to your client via email. Once the client receives the bill, depending on the payment deadline that you set, he/she has the option to pay you via PayPal. I find this an excellent feature because I am a PayPal user. The dashboard gives you an overview of how your outstanding balance and how much you have collected so far. Follow ups are made easy because you can resend an invoice with just once click of a button. The best thing about Invoiceable is that it is free. In exchange, every invoice you send will have the “Powered by Invoiceable. Create Invoices free” link at the bottom. This is perfectly fine with me. But if you want more personalization, you can opt to upgrade your account.  As of this writing, for a one-time £49 (about USD $77) fee, you can remove the Invoiceable links and branding. Another enhancement is to make invoices appear to come from your website. This one is made possible by a one-time payment of £39 (about USD $62).

Check out my tutorial below to guide you on how to get started with using Invoiceable.


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