Bring Your Productivity To Good Health With Time Doctor


As promised, I have made a tutorial on how to use Time Doctor, my time tracking software of choice. I love using Time Doctor. It is has a lot of great features which helps me increase my productivity. Time Doctor can be set to launch automatically upon starting your PC. Prior to using Time Doctor, I sometimes find myself get distracted with less important activities even if I have just began my day. When I used Time Doctor, I was compelled to get started with important tasks first. As soon as I log in to Time Doctor, I immediately start tracking time. Time Doctor allows you to save your activities and it will not disappear from the activity bar unless you mark those as completed. Conscious that time is being tracked, I get things done rather efficiently. My favorite feature is the “Are you still working on <insert task here>” popups. If you get distracted and do other things, this popup will definitely “wake you” and go back to work. Every two hours of work, Time Doctor pops up a reminder to take a break. I’m a person who forgets to take breaks which is not good for productivity. With this reminder, I force myself to take breaks and this allows me to go back to work more recharged. The good thing about Time Doctor is that breaks also get timed. So you don’t ever have to worry about forgetting how long you took your break. With Time Doctor, you can set your work days, required work hours, and the start time. This is important if you are an entrepreneur/project manager and you would like to check punctuality of your team. I like to start the same time every day so this feature definitely works for me. Even if I have flexible work time, I like to have some semblance of routine.

Time Doctor is packed with awesome features though there still things that could be done better. It would be great if there will be an enhancement to set a specific break time duration and have an alarm for break times and end of work.

Still, I highly recommend Time Doctor to anyone who would like to be productive in their work. Check out my tutorial below and discover the wonders of Time Doctor.




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