Increase Your Productivity With Toggl

Toggl (service) Logo.png

Toggl is a simple online time tracking software. It is useful for people who would like to increase their productivity. In today’s extremely busy world, we need to make sure that we are making the most out of our precious time. Too often, we get distracted with so many things. Knowing that time is being tracked can help spur us to do our activities better.

I am a person who likes to get things done efficiently. Unfortunately, there are a lot of times where I spend time in unnecessary things or tasks of lesser importance. Towards the end of the week, when I get the weekly Toggl report, I get to review how I used my time. When I see that there are unproductive moments, I am determined to do better the next time.

Toggl can be incorporated to project management/collaboration apps like Asana or Basecamp. I have tried using Toggl with Asana. With Asana, you have the list of all the tasks that you need to accomplish. You can now have the added functionality of tracking how much time is spent on those tasks by using Toggl.

I have to admit though, I did not quite get in the groove of using Toggl with Asana. I usually create, recreate, edit, revise, delete tasks all the time. My main focus was to get those tasks done and I often find myself forgetting to click on the Toggl button. I know that I just need to get used to it though. Another reason I am not really using Toggl is because there is another productivity/time tracking app that I am using and that is Time Doctor. I will be creating another tutorial of the Time Doctor app.

Even if I am not mainly using Toggl, it is still an extremely helpful app. I know of people who are effective in using it. Project managers  can add team members and they can track time using Toggl. One advantage of Toggl is that there is no installation required (unlike Time Doctor). Toggl can be incorporated not only in project management apps but also to browsers such as Chrome. And the best of all, Toggl is free.

I still think that Toggl is a great app. When my Time Doctor trial period ends, I would probably go back to Toggl. I encourage you to try it out. It just might be your best friend in productivity.


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