Automate Your Tasks With IFTTT


IFTTT is a powerful web-based tool which can help us automate our tasks. IFTTT stands for “If This Then That”. How it works is very simple:  if A happens, then B happens. You just need to create a recipe and once you activate it, it will work in the background and the task gets automated.

IFTTT has several useful applications. Of special mention is social media management. With IFTTT, you can make your Facebook posts appear automatically in Twitter or vice versa. This saves time and effort because you no longer need to log in manually to Twitter.

IFTTT has something for everything and everyone. You could be a baseball fan, wedding planner, mother, gardener, iOS or Android user, etc. and you would find something that can help you do your job faster. When you sign up in IFTTT, you can browse hundreds recipes available in the website that would suit your need. The best part is you can make your own recipe.

I made the easy to follow tutorial below. Check it out and just like IFTTT’s tag line, “put the internet to work for you.”


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