Password Magic: How To Use LastPass

LastPass Logo.png

Like everybody, I do a lot of things online. I read mails, update my website, check social media sites, do online banking, send invoices, receive payments, shop, watch videos, download stuff, and many more. A lot of times, I need to register and sign in to access the websites which provides those services. I constantly have to type in my email address, username, and password. There are a lot of instances where I could not log in and use the service because I simply forgot my login information! Talk about major inconvenience. Thankfully, LastPass has come to the rescue! LastPass is a cloud-based password management app. LastPass lets us save our login information in a secure place so that the next time we visit the websites we saved, LastPass logs in for us. I was actually hesitant to use entrust my logins to a third party but then again it is probably safer to use LastPass than save my information in the good old notepad. LastPass allows users to use it on different machines (PC, Mac, smartphones). What’s neat about LastPass is that you can “share” your logins with other people without revealing what your actual username and password is. This is particularly useful for business owner who wants to delegate social media management to another person.

So check out my tutorial below and discover the wonders of LastPass. It will make your life easier. It definitely made mine. 🙂


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