Get Things Done Without Email: How to Use Asana

Are you a business owner/manager with people working for and you needed to be on  top of all the things that you need to get done, like who is responsible for what task, when is it due, etc? Being the efficient manager that you are, you probably have written all of them down in post-its and scrawled notes on paper, notebook, planner, etc. But despite doing all of this, you still forget things, miss important dates, appointments, business meetings, calls. Why does this happen even if you wrote things down? Well, there could be many reasons. All of those post-its that you have probably got so many and then some got lost in the pile. The notes in your planners were probably disorganized too.

Thankfully, there are now project management apps available. Gone are the days when team members had to rely solely on email to communicate with one another and get things done.

Let me introduce to you Asana, the project management app whose battle cry is collaboration without email. When I came across Asana, I got very interested. I am a person who likes things organized. Asana is the perfect tool for a project manager. You can create tasks, assign it to specific people, put due dates, attach files, and many more. You can communicate within the Asana environment so you do not need to use email. Everything is in one place. Asana can also be used even if you are not a project manager. You can put your to do list in Asana and set due dates. It can appear as a list or in calendar view.

Asana is an excellent project management app. I love it so much that I decided to make a tutorial about it.  Enjoy!


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