Forget Me Not: Evernote

The task of remembering the things that you need to do can be daunting at times. Synchronizing your data across different devices can also be equally tedious. It is great to know that there is such a cool application such as Evernote which can help us with the aforementioned tasks. I use both a laptop and a desktop computer and I want my files to be available to both. Evernote solves that problem. All my notes, documents, photos, videos, and other important files can easily be synched. When I stumble upon interesting stuff on the net, I can save it using Evernote.  Evernote can also save an entire webpage to my account. The saved file is not a hollow shell. It actually contains the text, images, and the links! Pretty neat. Goodbye to the crude way of copy-pasting to some folder then forgetting about it. Evernote lets you organize important files and you can easily access them. You can view your saved notes at a glance. I’m continuously  discovering the wonders of Evernote. I hope you will to. The basics of Evernote can be found in the tutorial below.

For more information, you can go to or click the image above to be routed to the official website.



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