Send An Invoice To Your Clients Using Sage Billing Boss

After rendering your service to your clients, the next step is to send them the bill. And what better way to do that than using Sage Billing Boss. A brainchild of the North American business of UK-based The Sage Group plc, Sage Billing Boss is a free, simple online invoicing tool.  Free and simple in one sentence? Sold! I got to try this awesome tool and was pleased with how easy it is to use. You can customize it to your preferences. Making an invoice is a breeze. I made an easy to follow tutorial below. Try it to believe it. 🙂

IMPORTANT UPDATE: Sadly the Sage Group, the creators of Sage Billing Boss has decided to discontinue their Sage Billing Boss product. This was announced on August 24, 2012 in the Sage Billing Boss official website. It will retire effective December 14, 2012. In its stead, they have launched Sage One, an online invoicing solution which you can use for a fee. With Sage one, not only can you do invoicing it also allows you to do project collaboration, expenses recording, and financial reporting. Additional details can be found in the Sage One official website.



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